Pruning & Plant Health

We offer the following landscape maintenance services:

Expert Pruning


  • Rehabilitation pruning can often save neglected or overgrown landscapes and restore their original beauty without the need for more expensive plant removal and replanting.


  • Regular seasonal pruning will maintain plant health, maximize flowering, and keep the aesthetic balance of your plantings.


Soil Testing


  • Healthy plants  require healthy soil and a soil test is used to identify nutrient deficits/surpluses and the level of organic matter in the soil.


Soil Fertility Programs


  • We improve soil health with organic granular and liquid fertilizers, and compost.


Insect and Disease Management


  • We follow Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods to effectively monitor, prevent, and control problems. When necessary we use highly effective natural products; when it is essential to use synthetic chemicals we do so sparingly, as one might use medicine for a specific illness.


  • Massachusetts Pesticide Applicator's License #39569