A conversation with an experienced landscape professional can help you get answers, troubleshoot problems, and turn your ideas into a landscaping project plan.

I offer the following consulting services:


  • Landscaping Q & A - Perhaps you need advice on how to upgrade the ecological value of your land or undo the mistakes of previous caretakers. Maybe you are a new property owner, and you would like to develop a long-term landscaping improvement plan. Together we will walk your property and discuss the questions that you have. You will receive a written report and follow-up support via email.


  • Project Planning - How do you prioritize when you want so many changes in your property's landscaping? Together we will develop a budgeted timeline to complete your vision.

  • Plant Diagnostics - What is wrong with this plant? I can help identify plant diseases, insects, winter or drought damage, and damage caused by deer and other varmints, and develop a treatment plan.

  • Site Analysis - Are you interested in adding gardens or landscaping beds to your property but are not sure of the best locations? I will perform a thorough site analysis that examines soil conditions (soil testing), level of sunlight, wind and winter exposure, water availability, potential for deer browsing, diversity of existing plants, and other environmental conditions.